New Mob Money, mcMMO, and Name Colors

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Hey everyone! We’ve finally released the super secret projects we have been working on for the Survival server. We hope you enjoy them!

Mob Money
As you may have noticed, the economy was starting to grow stagnant and it was difficult to make money.
In order to help reduce these issues, we made it so you can now earn money from killing mobs.
When a mob is killed it will drop some money on the ground in the form of a gold nugget. Just walk near the gold to pick it up and you will collect the money into your balance.

In addition to mob money, the following have been changed:
• Quest payouts have been doubled to bring them more in line with the new mob money.
• Monthly 2% tax was implemented to help fund the Save the Turtles Fund.
• Voting reward increased to $75 total.
• Land claim price changed to a flat $150 per claim. Your first 4 claims are free!
• Big shop plots now cost $5000 to rent and little shop plots cost $3750 to rent.
• Heads in /head were increased...

Survival Server Updated to Minecraft 1.14

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We're happy to announce that the Survival server has been updated to Minecraft 1.14.3!
After extensive testing and working with plugin developers, the server is now stable enough for everyone to join and start exploring all the new features and expanded worlds. If you're unfamiliar with 1.14 mechanics, you can view the changelog here:

There are a few notable changes to the server with this update as well:
• The worlds have been significantly expanded from their previous sizes. Please remember to not excessively loot finite structures and resources, such as end cities, villages, and shipwrecks. Take only what you need.
Overworld: 10k x 10k -> 26k x 26k
Nether: 6k x 6k -> 10k x 10k
End: 10k x 10k -> 16k x 16k

• There is a new, super fancy ticket plugin that is GUI based instead of chat based.

• LandLord protections now allow pistons and hoppers to work across regions. Make sure to claim your...

Shop Plaza Released

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We're happy to announce the launch of the new /Shops plaza outside of spawn! Plots can be rented in the plaza with monthly in-game payments. Type /as help for help managing a plot you purchase. You can buy and sell items on your shop plot by creating chest shops (more info at /ShopHelp).

Note: Your shop plots are automatically saved if your rent runs out, and they're restored if you rent another plot of the same size.

Survival Questing Server Launch

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In celebration of the beginning of 2019, we have launched our new main survival questing server! Happy New Year!
The SurvivalQuest team has devoted many months into the development of the new server, and we hope you enjoy the laid-back survival experience while completing quests.

Server IP:

Some features of the new server:
- Ability to claim chunks to protect your builds and chests with an all new land claiming system
- Earn free ranks with perks that are earned by voting
- New VIP Ranks with exciting perks, purchased at
- Quests are found around spawn to earn $ and Quest Points
- Advanced story-driven quest system with custom item prizes - Coming Soon!

End of Mech & Magic Server
Today also marks the end of 2018, and with that the end of our Mech & Magic server. It was a fun adventure, but we sadly cannot devote the time and...

SkyFactory Server Migration & New Shop Items!

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Hey everyone, we have finished migrating our SkyFactory 2.4 server, and as a result you can expect to see development resuming now. Keep an eye on the tutorial for new sections being added, as well as #news on our Discord Server for future announcements.
Join with IP:

In related news, we have redesigned the SkyFactory server shop to include Lucky Blocks. As a special thank you to our dedicated player base, you may also now redeem 3 FREE Lucky Blocks per week in the Lucky Block section of the SkyFactory shop. Thank you for continuing to enjoy our server group. We are happy to be able to provide a stable environment where you can enjoy this great modpack!

Mech & Magic Server Launch

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We are happy to announce that our new Mech & Magic server has launched, along with our new SurvivalQuest website!
You may now join the server with the IP:

While progress from beta period unfortunately could not be carried over, we did want to thank everyone who participated in our beta testing period. Therefore, everyone who was on the server's whitelist will receive 400 extra claim blocks for taking their time to help us out!

Don’t forget to check out our new server shop for VIP ranks and to help support the server:
Thank you for your continued support, and we hope to see you on the new server!

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