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Wool Art Contest!


Ok NiceChain here hosting a wool art contest. i shall give everyone a few days before judging and picking a winner. only rule is keep it pg-13. im to lazy to make this crazy so short and simple enjoy lets have fun guys :)

1st place prize is (Vip Upgrade)
2nd place prize is (60$ in game)
3rd place prize is (40$ in game)


Are we limited to just wool?
When is deadline?
Who are the judges?
Do we just tp you/judges to the build when it's finished?
What's the meaning of life?
Do you know the muffin man?
How do you make pancakes?
So many questions, not enough time.


The contest will end some time next week Wed-Friday if you finish b4 you can have it judged now or later. Please spread the word i cant wait to see what everyone makes! Have a good day and Hold your L <3

Q/A - 75% of your build must be wool
Q/A - The judges will be NiceChain & Weilon
Q/A - you can build anywhere you like just msg us when your ready for us to judge. we will tp to you.
Q/A - Not sure what the meaning of life is sorry.
Q/A - I am the muffin man!
Q/A - There is always time. :p