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The Meaning of SurvivalQuest

Knowing the meaning of "Survival Quest" Is also trying to find out the meaning of life. The true meaning lies in the game, we will figure this out. The Mech & Magic server was launched in January 30th 2019. The server and website rules were introduced on the same day. The beta testers were given 400 extra claim blocks after launch. In spawn there are 39 signs in info & voting areas. There are 17 quests to complete in the server, there are 3 quests per person 17/3 = 5.6 that's why Barkeep Keld has 2 quests. 382 years ago on march 4th the first bar was made, the person named Samuel Cole. Sam was born September 1597, 3 months before the day the server was made. 3 quests per person but the bar keeper. Lets look at more, 0wningYou joined the website in may 28, 2018. Memorial Day is on may 28th, but the first Memorial day was the 30th Enoteca Wine Bar makes the most profit. The server score is 429 on planet minecraft they day I am making this. And have had 7 diamonds. 2019-1597 is 422, 429+7 is 422, the wine bar made $422 on may 30th. So, my theory is that, the meaning of this server is to complete the barkeeper Keld's quests.

What do you think the true meaning of this server is?