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Survival Questing Server Launch


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In celebration of the beginning of 2019, we have launched our new main survival questing server! Happy New Year!
The SurvivalQuest team has devoted many months into the development of the new server, and we hope you enjoy the laid-back survival experience while completing quests.

Server IP: mc.survivalquest.net
Discord: https://discord.gg/RFN5zxU

Some features of the new server:
- Ability to claim chunks to protect your builds and chests with an all new land claiming system
- Earn free ranks with perks that are earned by voting
- New VIP Ranks with exciting perks, purchased at store.survivalquest.net
- Quests are found around spawn to earn $ and Quest Points
- Advanced story-driven quest system with custom item prizes - Coming Soon!

End of Mech & Magic Server
Today also marks the end of 2018, and with that the end of our Mech & Magic server. It was a fun adventure, but we sadly cannot devote the time and resources to this server that it needs in order to run smoothly. We hope everyone enjoyed it during its run, and if anyone would like a map download just message Rachel or 0wningYou on discord.