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Sup Tobias here

Tell me how badass I am

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Aight so I guess I'm the first one, better make this one count.

I'm Tobias, Ingame name is Tobias Sama, Just call me by name or Toby/Tobby, don't really mind.

I'm a 18, soon to be 19 on the 9 of august, dude from Denmark who plays a good amount of games and watch anime and do other stuffs.
I would say that I'm a open and pretty nice guy to be around, so if you meet me ingame or something then be sure to chat me up.
I've been part of this community for like 2 years+ now I think, though I haven't been very active.

Don't really have other hobbies than the ones I mentioned above actually, I am in a relationship though, so lots of my time is put into that.
I honestly don't know how active I'll be, but I'll try to check the forums once in a while, and do my best to be on the server <3

Well, that's about it for me! See you ingame


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Congrats on being the first post! I'd say that put you at a solid "Kinda guy who wears socks in sandals, and has a pug."
I'd much prefer a corgi, though.