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Shop Plaza Released


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We're happy to announce the launch of the new /Shops plaza outside of spawn! Plots can be rented in the plaza with monthly in-game payments. Type /as help for help managing a plot you purchase. You can buy and sell items on your shop plot by creating chest shops (more info at /ShopHelp).

Note: Your shop plots are automatically saved if your rent runs out, and they're restored if you rent another plot of the same size.


I'm very happy to have The Juke Box Shop* up and running! ALL 12 music discs are in stock, at low Low LOW prices! We also carry a small selection of "special" items with more to come (let me know if you have any requests!) On the second floor are aquarium supplies, including Turtle Eggs. This will soon be expanded to include corals, coral fans, and coral blocks. Potions are available on the third floor, including Slow Falling, Underwater Breathing, and Splash Health II.

I hope to see you soon at The Juke Box Shop!*

*The Juke Box Shop is trademarked by and is a fully owned subsidiary of DershCo Inc.