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Oasis Mall Grand Opening Looking for Tenants!!!!


Hey everyone Doorhandless and I have opened our massive mall, Oasis! We sell minerals, blocks, mob drops and whatever isn't there dm us or talk to us and we are sure we can help you. Our underground floor contain a bar selling potions and a library selling different types of enchanting books. You can visit our store by doing /shop and heading straight to this building16
But this purpose of this post is that WE WANT YOU. We understand that for some people plots are pricey and not everyone wants to pay $750-1000 for a plot so we are renting our floors in this mall for $200 a floor per month. They look like this and if you rent we require you to keep the outline of the floor but you can decorate the interior how ever you like17
top floor (rented now by Eth's store 'Automania')

We also have a underground plots which can be requested and are larger as they are 23x6x23 and will cost $300 per month. Space is limited so hurry in quickly!

If you are interested DM me here or send me a mail ingame and I'm sure we can set something up.

All floor rent prices are negotiable and subject to confidentiality.
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