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Hey, wassup My name is Krave but my irl name is Davis but nobody calls me by my real name , if youre thinking where my name comes from it was a black ops 2 clan on PS3 based of the cereal Kraves which is my favourite to this day. Sadly the clan got disbanded but i kept the name Krave so im the only one left with it now, Im 17 at the time im writing this post and my birthday is on the 3rd of January, im really nerdy when it comes to skyfactory and i]m still learning more and more as its so much fun , if you ever want to ask me anything about skyfactory you can message me on discord @KraveBlaze #9426 Also im in school so dont expect an instant reply ,Im from Ireland and my life right now is basically all gaming , i have a ps4 which i play rocket league on once a while but im starting to transition to pc since i got a new pc , i could ramble on about myself all day but i gotta keep the post relatively short

Also id love to help around the server if anyone needs me :)
Always think of the bright side , trust me it helps


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Welcome to the server! I've always wanted to go hiking in Ireland. So many cool sites there.