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Best Ways to Make $?


Hi! Just wanted to make a post asking what people think the best ways to earn in game money is. I just started playing on the server and would appreciate any tips you may have. Just thought I’d ask since it seems money is a little more scarce this time around.


Oh and just wanted to add that I know about quests, and was wondering if all quests are a once and done thing, or if you can do them multiple times.


Staff member
You can, in fact, repeat quests as many times as you want; they just have a cooldown upon completion. If you attempt to take the quest again, it will let you know how long until you can re-take it. Quests are definitely the best and fastest way to make money, but you can also get 15 a day by /vote, as well as start a shop in /shops or sell items to players directly with /pay username amount. Hope this helps, and glad to have you back with us! 💕