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    Why is the server down?

    The server was taken down due to lack of funding.
  2. 0wningYou

    Is the server down?

    The server was taken down and closed last month.
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    New Mob Money, mcMMO, and Name Colors

    Hey everyone! We’ve finally released the super secret projects we have been working on for the Survival server. We hope you enjoy them! Mob Money As you may have noticed, the economy was starting to grow stagnant and it was difficult to make money. In order to help reduce these issues, we made...
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    I have arrived at last

    Welcome to the server! I've always wanted to go hiking in Ireland. So many cool sites there.
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    Hello world!

    Welcome to the server! Nothing beats good ol' classic Minecraft. You can also check out our Discord if you haven't already. We have a SkyFactory channel on there.
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    Survival Server Updated to Minecraft 1.14

    We're happy to announce that the Survival server has been updated to Minecraft 1.14.3! After extensive testing and working with plugin developers, the server is now stable enough for everyone to join and start exploring all the new features and expanded worlds. If you're unfamiliar with 1.14...
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    Survival: Mob Head Drop Chances

    Admins would have to manually spawn in each head and check the ID of it, or you could ask another player that has a head to check its ID with /iteminfo. Squid heads are: Player Head#1H
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    Survival: Server Rules

    Survival Server Rules Please familiarize yourself with the server rules to allow a pleasant survival experience for all. Rules - Grief, theft, and scams are not allowed in any dimension. Do not touch anything that is not yours. - Do not use hacked clients, exploits, or forms of cheating. - Do...
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    Welcome to the server! I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the modded side of MC.
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    Shop Plaza Released

    We're happy to announce the launch of the new /Shops plaza outside of spawn! Plots can be rented in the plaza with monthly in-game payments. Type /as help for help managing a plot you purchase. You can buy and sell items on your shop plot by creating chest shops (more info at /ShopHelp). Note...
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    Survival: Commands

    List of All Survival Commands by Rank All the commands available to players are listed below and broken up by each player rank. Each rank inherits the commands from the rank before it. For a list of VIP commands and perks, visit the store at: Member (default) /spawn -...
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    Hello :)

    Welcome! It's always fun to go back to vanilla Minecraft, where things mostly make sense.
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    Survival Questing Server Launch

    In celebration of the beginning of 2019, we have launched our new main survival questing server! Happy New Year! The SurvivalQuest team has devoted many months into the development of the new server, and we hope you enjoy the laid-back survival experience while completing quests. Server IP...
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    No more CathalCraft?

    The 1.12.2 Towny server is still up and running with all the builds and ranks at:
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    Survival: Mob Head Drop Chances

    Mob Head Drop Chances The chances mobs will drop their heads are listed below. The Looting enchantment will add a 0.03% bonus per enchantment level. Drop Chance 0.02% Enderman Drop Chance 0.05% Blaze Cave Spider Chicken Cow Mooshroom Pig Pigman Silverfish Skeleton...
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    [1.13.2] Survival Server: Information

    Server IP Information SurvivalQuest's survival server is the perfect place to build and survive with your friends in a friendly and laid-back environment, with the added experience of going on quests for rewards! Server Commands
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    How do you apply for staff

    Hello. Staff members are hand picked by the server Admins, thus there is no application form.
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    Sup Tobias here

    Congrats on being the first post! I'd say that put you at a solid "Kinda guy who wears socks in sandals, and has a pug." I'd much prefer a corgi, though.
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    Mech & Magic Server Launch

    We are happy to announce that our new Mech & Magic server has launched, along with our new SurvivalQuest website! You may now join the server with the IP: While progress from beta period unfortunately could not be carried over, we did want to thank everyone who participated...