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    The leaves that come with the redwood are intended for people who wish to build with redwood leaves. :D You also can trade with other players for the redwood blocks they have received via lucky blocks.
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    All redwood blocks are available as a drop from our lucky blocks! Hope this helps you :)
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    Best Ways to Make $?

    You can, in fact, repeat quests as many times as you want; they just have a cooldown upon completion. If you attempt to take the quest again, it will let you know how long until you can re-take it. Quests are definitely the best and fastest way to make money, but you can also get 15 a day by...
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    Survival: Mob Head Drop Chances

  5. Rach

    Golden bag

    Absolutely! If you haven't already, please make a ticket on the server in front of the location of the container holding the lootbag; or mention in the ticket if it is in your inventory! We will return the items to you as soon as possible ;)
  6. Rach

    SkyFactory Server Migration & New Shop Items!

    Hey everyone, we have finished migrating our SkyFactory 2.4 server, and as a result you can expect to see development resuming now. Keep an eye on the tutorial for new sections being added, as well as #news on our Discord Server for future announcements. Join with IP: In...
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    SkyFactory: Modpack Download Tutorial

    Server IP How to get SkyFactory 2.4 New to modded Minecraft? Never used ATLauncher? Not to worry, just follow this guide and you'll be playing SkyFactory in no time! Step 1: Download the ATLauncher. Go to and select your operating...
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    SkyFactory: Achievement Book

    Hey guys! As much as we REALLY wanted to keep the achievement book enabled, it turns out that it causes -extreme- issues in a server environment. As a result I have a copy of the text here for you so you can still follow along and keep track of achievements! Feel free to make a post here letting...
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    SkyFactory: Banned Item List

    Because we want you to be able to experience the modpack as it is meant to be played, we have banned as few items as possible. Here is the complete list of banned items on our server. Note: Reactors are not banned but their max size is reduced from the insane default max of 50x50 to a much more...