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  1. Wizard_Snake

    Word Association Game

    All Right so Ill put a word (JUST ONE) and you put one that is associated to the word above your post! Ill start us out. Documents
  2. Wizard_Snake

    The Meaning of SurvivalQuest

    Knowing the meaning of "Survival Quest" Is also trying to find out the meaning of life. The true meaning lies in the game, we will figure this out. The Mech & Magic server was launched in January 30th 2019. The server and website rules were introduced on the same day. The beta testers were given...
  3. Wizard_Snake

    Hello all those people who don't have anything better to do!

    Hi I'm (a) Wizard_Snake, I am looking for a server I can enjoy. This sever is looking up to those standers and have been really enjoying it so far! I am not sure how to finish this thread so I'm going to finish it now. I wish everyone well, have a great day! Subscribe to Pewdiepie