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Survival: Server Rules

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Survival Server Rules
Please familiarize yourself with the server rules to allow a pleasant survival experience for all.

- Grief, theft, and scams are not allowed in any dimension. Do not touch anything that is not yours.
- Do not use hacked clients, exploits, or forms of cheating.
- Do not make jokes about hacking or cheating.
- No excessive looting of End Cities, Villages, Shipwrecks, or any other finite resources. Only take what you need.
- Do not curse, use ALL CAPS, spam, or advertise servers.
- Do not ask staff members to spawn in items or mobs.
- Do not use AFK pools/devices.
- Using alt accounts for quest money is NOT allowed.
- Respect each staff member's decision.
- Respect all players on the server.
- Please use only English in global chat.
- Questions? Join our discord at: https://discord.gg/UgFR7rU
Not open for further replies.