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Survival: Commands

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List of All Survival Commands by Rank
All the commands available to players are listed below and broken up by each player rank. Each rank inherits the commands from the rank before it.
For a list of VIP commands and perks, visit the store at: store.survivalquest.net

Member (default)
- Teleport to the server's spawn
/shops - Teleport to the shop plaza
/rules - Displays the server's rules
/report - Opens a report ticket for Staff to view
/land | /ll - View all land claiming commands
/lwc - View all container protection commands
/quests - View all quest commands
/as help - View all AreaShop commands to manage your shop plot
/tpshop shop# - Teleport to a specific shop plot
/vote - View the list of vote sites and your current amount of votes
/votetop - Displays the list of top voters
/wv sun - Start a voting for sunny weather instead of rain

/tpa - Request to teleport to a player
/tpahere - Request a player to teleport to you
/tpacancel - Cancel your teleport request
/tpaccept | /tpyes - Accept a teleport request
/tpdeny | /tpno - Deny a teleport request

/home - Teleport to your sethome
/sethome - Sets a home where you are standing
/delhome - Deletes a home

/list - Lists all online players
/mail - Read or send mail to players
/msg | /m | /pm - Private message a player
/reply | /r - Reply to the last player who messaged you
/ignore - Ignore a player in chat
/realname - Display the username of a player based on their nickname
/seen - See the last time a player was online

/balance | /bal - View how much money you have
/baltop - Displays the list of top player balances
/pay - Pay a player money

/compass - View your bearing
/depth - View your depth
/exp - View your experience level
/itemdb - View the item ID of the item you're holding
/iteminfo - View the shop sign name of the item you're holding
/motd - Display the server's join message
/ping - Check for command lag

- Lists your sethome names (if more than one home)
/home <name> - Teleport to the specified home (if more than one home)
/sethome <name> - Set multiple homes by name
/delhome <name> - Deletes a sethome by name

/heads - Bring up the heads menu
/heads search <search term> - Search for heads that match the search term

/pv 1
- Pulls up your player vault

- Wear the item you're holding on your head

- Kicks a player from the server
/back - Teleport back to your last known location
/Jail <user> 1 - Place the user in jail
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